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Romantic Poems

Tell him to reduce my
punishment a little
I am not an ordinary criminal.
 I fell in love by mistake

I am a simple boy with a soft accent
If someone speaks with love,
I speak a lot

We are among the high people
Don’t count yourself
Our simplicity is enough
To win people’s hearts

We are not time spenders, we are prosperous parties
You will remember for a lifetime that someone came into life

People who know
the pain of leaving
They don’t even fly the
birds sitting next to them

Those were the days of my
playing and jumping
 When I fell in love with tea

Do not deceive anyone
 else after me
The world will curse you,
my head will bow

Where words are
written with this restless love
I have called you from the
bottom of my heart every time

Whose skill is nothing but
burning heart
I have made that person

The wall of your promises
falls every day
What do we do every
day in the shadow of death?

Whose skill is nothing but
burning heart
I have made that person

It would have been
 different if you were
Now the rain is just water

Many diseases have been
given the rain of new seasons
I miss those who forgot me

The scene was light and the atmosphere was color less
Do you think the weather is fine?

God give such a person to all
So that whoever you
 talk to will get tired

This rainy season, this cold season
This is also a time tostay
 away from us

I raise my hand and
do not take your name,
 is it possible?
So include in my prayers like Amen

My horrors have increased,
but what can I do?
I have to play the role
 that I am good

Sadness ate Shabab
Otherwise we were very attractive

Deny me but have some conversation
It hurts me to be silent

There is only one feeling around me !!!!
Friend, the charity of every thought that comes to you

Where is the possibility of separation from you?
You are my dress, I am your dress

That is why they have started cheating in love
People need body instead of heart

There must be such a friend in life
That you may find peace of mind when you talk to him

Trust is the only trophy
Which people break by winning

Give priority to your eyes 
We have broken the wires

Who are sincere to one another
They are not crazy about everyone

Defeat the unfaithful

People take revenge on the faithful

We had the illusion of
 financial hardship

So where no one smells, we smell

He always has a good time

Who never think badly
 of others

Encouraged and touched
Hi… Murshid
Those who cry are not asked the truth

Some aspects may turn
 out to be positive
You look at me from a
different angle

Will you ever see my face untied the knot of the shroud?The eyes that you used to cry every day will be closed

One morning you will suddenly wake up screaming
What happened was he was doing poetry at night

Do as much evil to one’s caste as you can bear tomorrow for your caste. The rewards of action are inevitable.

Some aspects may turn
out to be positive
You look at me from a
different angle

Run as fast as you want

Kill as many hands and
 feet as you want

Who to whom, when, where and how to meet

These decisions are made elsewhere

Romantic Poems
Everyone’s dreams die!

Even the dead. What if they die?

Where does everyone get it?

No what if we meet you

Someone read a million mantras of love
Those who are stung by nature, they sting

His city is far from
 my city
He will not even hear my announcement

Why do you look in the mirror?
You look better than yourself

Which could not be passed from us
We have lived that life

There was a defendant of the heart, who destroyed
The only thing that was in my heart was the thing that just happened

Look where the mirror
 was at night

And what is the case with
the culprit?

She asked for a place in her heart like a traveler
It named a lonely city
 after me

She would put her hands
 over her ears
It will eat my sudden

No one is in touch
And don’t let the relationship get suspended !!!!

The heart says he has to return here

This consolation doesn’t let me go crazy !!

The husband should bury the quarrels outside and step inside the house. You have to give a loan to someone. Someone has disturbed you. The business is not running. It is not the fault of the wife. Don’t torment lives. Keep the home environment pleasant

Worships are also accepted in which the head as well as the heart is bowed. Indeed, it is Allah who understands the silence of the heart and chooses ranks and places for man.

According to psychologists, holding the hand of one’s loved one removes 100% of depression from our brain, and half the ailments go away as soon as we hear the voice, that is, O my comrades! I must be with you moment by moment like my breath!

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